KGS-Surface Grinder Manual Series

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KGS-Surface Grinder Manual Series

Model:KGS-616S, KGS-618M, KGS-618H, KGS-250M

  • KGS-618, KGS-250M, KGS-616S: Three axis manual hand feed surface grinder, offer high accuracy grinding of small parts. These models are affordable and easy to learn on and operate.
  • KGS-618H: Two axes ( Y &Z) driven by manual hand feed but X axis driven by a hydraulic system with cylinder and separate hydraulic power pack to prevent heat dissipation and vibration transmitted to the machine.
  • Cartridge-type spindle provides not only high precision, strong regidity but easy serviceability.
  • All major structures are casted with high quality grade iron which supply high stability , strong rigidity and high damping capacity.
  • Single – walled column construction provides high rigidity and high cutting efficiency
  • KGS-618M: Slide ways of X and Z axes are Turcite B coated with hand crapped to provide smooth and accurate movement and consistency.
  • KGS-616S: Turcite B coating on slide ways, Roller ball ways on X Axis for smooth, accurate movement but also long- lasting performance
  • Easy-to-use control panel, located conveniently for user to operate quickly and easily.
  • KGS-616S, KGS-618M, KGS-618H Vertical feed (Y axis) 0.005 mm per graduation of hand wheel, able to add micro-feed system (optional) that supply feed rate of 0.001mm
  • KGS-250M: vertical feed (Y axis) 0.01mm per garduation of hand wheel, able to add micro-feed system (optional) that supply feed rate of 0.001mm
  • Optional accessories: Inclinable magnetic chuck is available, suited for angel grinding. With chuck control box, clamping force is able to adjusted upon load of parts.


Specification KGS – 616S KGS – 618S KGS – 618H KGS – 250M 
Table working area (mm) 410×160 460×150 460×150 460×200
Longitudinal travel (mm) 430 475 475 540
Crossfeed travel (mm) 200 185 185 260
Distance from spindle center to table (mm) 445 380 380 475
Wheel dimension (mm) 180×13×31.75 180×13×31.75 180×13×31.75 180×13×31.75
Table load including magnetic chuck (kg) 100 120 120 100
KGS-Surface Grinder Manual Series

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